Micro Data Centers


The transformation in the tech world is at a high speed. It is evident with the various innovations and changes witnessed with data centers. Earlier on, data centers were meant to serve a particular location and with different restrictions. Micro data centers have been re-invented to serve more than one person within an office area or the same proximity. They are in small size but containerized in a system to promote internet efficiency. When compared to the data system used in the past, containerized data systems are more efficient. Learn more about modular data center solutions. Their most attractive features include;

• High running speed
• Affordable cost
• Increased profits for firms
• Compatible with various environments and weather conditions
• Less energy consumption
• Improved performance

The Cloud Modular Systems
The whole world is in great in of more connections. Experts are concerned that over 5 billion people are still in darkness in matters concerned proper data connection. The urge to correct that led to the invention of the cloud concept. The concept involves connection of the whole world from the cloud. In that, any person can use proper data connections for business and communication. It is different with the containerized modular systems because the micro data centers can only cover a given range. For example, they can serve about 10 to 15 persons in an office.

The first effort with the micro modular systems is dispersing the systems to various areas and serving several individuals who are proximal to each other. The systems have even been deployed to areas such as Haiti for efficiency. China is the latest country to order more micro data centers for use in the country. In matters of cloud connectivity, several concerned persons have tried to develop a concept in the Microsoft Company named Cloudlets.

The cloudlets are an invention meant to make it possible for mobile devices to have a connection from the cloud. Just like how the micro data centers work, but in a more strategic way to move increase the number of possible connections from 15 to billions. Victor Bahl from Microsoft initiated the thought to enhance mobility and use of connections without limitations by low battery power. Today micro data centers are mobile but not as mobile as the idea of the cloudlets is.

The micro data centers efficiency is the excellent and top notch, but Victor’s thought makes everyone believe there are chances of better connections. In this, case to connect with a device, you will not have to keep close distance with the server systems of the modular. A mobile device with more connection chances is a better option. However, Microsoft relates the concept of micro-data centers. Where a system is invented and from it, millions of micro data centers are situated in various regions of the word. They are then all connected from the cloud to create the connection ability for millions of users. The deployed containerized modular centers are known as mega centers.

Chances of the cloud concept
Technicians and experts are working together to materialize the trend. It is with the hope that by 2020, millions of websites will be easy to connect with cloudlets. As an added advantage mobile devices will have long battery life. They will be able to have smooth connection chances no matter the location in the world. Smooth connection low power consumption.